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Cougars Favourite Sex Position

Nov 23, 2019

Give you cougar a night of fun she will never forget! Here are the top four sex positions a cougar enjoys – will you be a man and try them all!


Cougar Prowl Style

Cougar in Doggy Style Position

An oldie, but a favourite show her who’s in charge by taking her from behind. She may have or have not engaged in such a position, so even if she has make sure to really give it to her so that she remembers you more than any others who have done the same. Add some flavour to the position by spanking her ass or maybe pulling her hair and making her call out your name as you both climax together


Cougar on Top

Cougar on Top

Once you’re doing showing her your stuff doing her cougar prowl style, it’s time to let her be the boss and get on top of you. Let her either face you or have her back to you as she rides you like her personal horse. She’ll be able to control the depth of penetration while you’ll be able to play and fondle her ass or her breasts. It’s a great position for her, she’ll love riding you like her plaything whilst you get a great view and let her do the work whilst you lay there with a grin, glad you chose to find a cougar nearby


Cougar Against the Wall

Against a Wall

Live on the edge and make it a point to do her somewhere out of the ordinary like a bathroom stall or at someone’s house by doing her against the wall. It’ll really turn her on and bring out both of your wild sides!

Cougars love this position as it gives you total control, and take total charge. She’ll feel weak in your arms whilst you get to take your cougar!

As you’ll see from the photo, this is the position that’s almost guaranteed to leave some scratch marks on your back, as she’ll be gripping you with a passion!


Cougar and Toyboy Side by Side

Cougar and Toyboy Side by Side

This is a great position for the more romantics out there as it’ll allow your body to cushion up against hers whilst nibbling on her neck and earlobe. She’s love you for this, and I’m sure pay you back in lots and lots of kind!

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