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Cougar Dating – 5 Essential Tips Every Toyboy Needs to Know

Nov 24, 2019

Congratulations on your choice to start dating a cougar woman. It’s the start of an amazing adventure. Maybe you’ve only been on one or two dates, perhaps you’re a dating veteran, but dating a cougar is not your usual experience – it’s better!

A cougar isn’t too dissimilar to any other women you’d ordinarily date, all enjoy politeness; conversation; attention and to be complimented (even if they say they don’t) – but there is a reason why some women choose to start dating a younger man. To understand why is your secret to impressing to the max – and believe me you will want to impress for once a cougar starts purring you are in for an experience that is difficult to put in to words.

We are going to show YOU why cougars want younger men, how to help you prepare for your date and show you the best tips to help make your cougar feel extra special – she’ll thank you for it!

Before we move in to the cougar dating tips I want to explore a little why cougars like younger men. All women are different, they have different desires, want different things and have different needs. This feature isn’t designed to stereotype or put all cougars in to one category – but many share similar traits. Now imagine (and don’t want to spend too much time imaging this – trust me) but picture a guy in his forties, and you are more likely to imagine a belly taking the full force of expansion and gravity, some dropping features and skin – trust me not going to continue down this path……but now picture a younger man with smooth skin, from the gym, well educated and polite. Enjoys good conversation and knows how to treat a lady. This is the picture many cougar women see as their cub. Don’t fit the exact bill – don’t worry most younger men don’t, but there are ways to create this scenario.

A cougar woman, in want of sexual fun, excitement and possibly friendship or even romance will think of the visuals when it comes to sex – and guys, we are no different – in fact women perhaps more so than men. They also enjoy being caught in a passionate encounter where all senses are explored and attended to, not just the sexual kind. Guys, think role-play here. Cougars also like to be made to feel very special and love being flattered with compliments. An older women will notice the fact she is growing old. In our eyes it doesn’t make a cougar women any less desirable, but take a tip from me, she will be noticing. She wants to be told she is still beautiful, attractive, hot, sexy etc…. Now we are all here because we already know it’s true – make sure she knows too!

Here are some of our top cougar dating tips which should see the bedroom success of the even the most novice of cub:


Choose Your Cougar

Hopefully by now you would have signed up to Cougar Dating and had a good look at the wonderous range of cougar members we have. This is where to start choosing wisely. Read – yes actually read – her profile. Get to know about her, what she likes and what she dislikes. Each member has a profile on the sexual fun they like to get up to – does it match with yours? Once you have found a member that likes what you like, loves what you love and looking for the same thing in the bedroom, it’s time to get messaging.


First Impressions

Your message is your shop window. It’s your chance to grab their attention, use it wisely. Some cougars love a cheeky wink – others like to be message (again read her profile). If your into business or online business, your photo is your advertising and the message is the marketing. Now let’s start with the photo – we’ve read and spoke with many cougars, and pictures of your private parts just don’t work guys. It’s hard to believe, I know, but trust us it doesn’t (well not most of the time). A cougar wants to get to know her cub better, start with the personality and then move on from there. Make sure the photo is of your face, so she know’s who she is talking to. If you have a great body and want to show off, then be cheeky with it – make her laugh (damn this is powerful tonic).

Now your message. Be honest, be flattering, perhaps cheeky and do your best to pull out parts of her profile or likes and explain you like them too. A message simply saying hyou think their fit – lets get together for sex probably won’t work most times. A cougar needs to be seduced, let her feel interested in you and what you like / dislike and why you wanted to message her. Keep it light and funn where you can. Stats show these types of messages are responded to more times than any other.


Dress Smart and Smell Right

Cougar women are looking for the body and affections from a younger man but with responsibility and maturity. Simply put, dressing and sounding like a teenager will put her off straight away. She wants conversation and some common interests to share together. She wants to feel the envy of others, that she’s managed to bag herself a younger fitter man for some sexual fun – she doesn’t want to feel embarressed. Don’t take her to McDonalds and don’t get her in the back of your car with your mates to have a good eyeful, before bragging to them about how you’re going to ‘do her’. Respect your cougar, she will love you for it!


Choosing a Meeting Place

This comes down to personal choice. We would always suggest for both cougar and cub to meet for the first time during the day, in a public place for a coffee or meal and make sure you tell a friend where your going – now as for places, for first meet a coffee shop is a great place. The atmosphere is relaxing and where the art of conversation is at it’s highest. People feel very comfortable in coffee shops, use this great tip to your advantage to not only get to know your cougar but put her immediately at ease.



Cougars on our dating site are looking for sexual relationships. The topic of sex or ‘nightcap’ may certainly come up. Remember a cougar women will usually be experienced in sex – so shyness is not there as such. She knows she has needs, knows what she likes and knows exactly what men like too. The younger inhibitions have gone away, and in their place a confident mature women who enjoys sex, and wants to experience those fantasies she hasn’t yet explored. Be prepared. If the subject of sex hasn’t been discussed prior to the date, but could quite easily happen, make sure you have everything prepared for a fun night……you lucky lad!


In conclusion it’s all about having fun. Be polite and respectful and make your cougar feel very special.

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